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clay substrate

Product description

Material: expanded clay
Grain size: 1 – 4 mm & 2 – 10 mm

biological filter medium
substrate for rooting
thermal insulation

Available grain sizes

clay substrate 1 - 4 mm
C1-0000 red-brown shade (1 – 4 mm)
clay substrate 2 - 10 mm
C2-0000 brown-grey shade (2 – 10 mm)


Professional aquarium keeping demands a high level of water quality and water purification. Our CLAY SUBSTRATE can play an essential role in maintaining low nitrogen levels, provide optimised biological filtration and serve as a high-quality substrate.

Its main purpose as a high specific area filter media, is to remove poisonous substances like ammonia and nitrite from the water. The special structure of the outer surface provides an ideal environment for beneficial microbes to settle and colonise. These nitrifying microbes convert ammonia into nitrite and further into non-toxic nitrates.

It is an economic and ecological bioreactor suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. In addition, CLAY SUBSTRATE can also be used as a substrate for rooting plants in the aquarium and ensures a constant climate in the terrarium.


The surface of standard expanded clay is almost completely closed. But due to its special manufacturing process, our CLAY SUBSTRATE has an open surface and core giving bacteria the ideal environment to grow. Up to 280 m²/l is available for bacterial colonisation and settling (the calculation of the settling surface is based upon total surface area, exclusively used by the bacteria).

Since organisms can settle on the CLAY SUBSTRATE, it also functions as an excellent nutrient medium (substrate) for the roots of the plants. Due to the enclosed air pores, CLAY SUBSTRATE also has a heat-insulating effect and can thus maintain the desired climate in a terrarium.


The round shape of CLAY SUBSTRATE provides a particularly large colonisation area and high porosity, which makes it perform better as a filter medium. In addition, the material is very light. Gravel, on the other hand, is not porous, has a much smaller surface area compared to CLAY SUBSTRATE and is very heavy. Our CLAY SUBSTRATE is up to 8 times more efficient and also extends the cleaning intervals.


When CLAY SUBSTRATE is used for the first time, the bacteria need about 2 – 4 weeks to reach about 70% of the filter capacity. After 4 – 6 weeks, almost 100% of the filter capacity is reached. After that, CLAY SUBSTRATE should never be completely replaced. Approximately one third should be left in the aquarium – only two thirds should be filled with new CLAY SUBSTRATE. In this way, sufficient bacterial colonies are already present and can grow again.

Available Packagings

All sales packaging are equipped with a label including instructions for use, barcode, article number and item description. Additional information such as an individual item code or a customised barcode is possible on request.

Poly bag

4 litre

ca. 24 x 36 x 7 cm

packing unit:

quantity per pallet:

Poly bag

8 litre

ca. 27 x 43 x 9 cm

packing unit:
loosely packed

quantity per pallet:

Big bag

1000 litre

ca. 110 x 110 x 120 cm

packing unit:
loosely packed

quantity per pallet:

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